Inspiration Elsewhere

Juliette Tang reads a lot and photograph a lot and often mix between the two. The result is superb.

I wish I had a cabin in the wood / by a river / on a mountain. Well, anywhere.
Therefore my addiction to Cabin Porn tumblr. Ah! Nice day dreaming.
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Another big dream of mine is to travel by train across countries and continents.
Just like The Selby’s train journey from Paris to Shanghai as part of a collaboration with Louis Vuitton.

I’m totally in love with everything Riikka Sormunen draws.

This Flickr group is just so great.
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Flavia Marele and Ildiko Muresan have a wonderful shop full of a fantastic mix of imaginative art pieces, strange ceatures, and whimsy jewelry.

Charming little short video – Crayon Dragon by Toniko Pantoja. I would sum it as the difference between what see with our eyes or with our brain and what we can see/visualize when we let our imagination go wild. Fantastic.

Have a great weekend friends!
Galit x