Happy Spaces, Fine Fetails

I love spaces that are homey, relaxed and full with happy details.
Here’s some interiors and details that I find especially bright and comfy.

I love everything about this kitchen – the great space, the wonderful vintage finds (oh, this car on the wall!!), the red refrigerator,  the basket (I’m a sucker for baskets in any shape and size) and the eclectic selection of the chairs. Wonderful 

Those lamps are great. And I’m loving the serene colors in both spaces. I can imagine this decor in a holiday house, somewhere warm and peaceful.

Some lovely kitchen details:

(Agent Bauer // All the Luck in the World // Retro Vertigo)

This last space is seriously beautiful. So many stunning and colourful details and a great use of light and lighting.

Is it possible that Swedish homes are all perfect? (Skona Hem)